Present day:

Welcome to The Audio Plaza!

I'm Baraka, interim director of the research program and facility that, over time, has become known as The Audio Plaza. The origins of which contain details that are a bit sensitive for this exact moment in time, but I will be able to disclose more as situations mature.

The important part is: it's my show to run now and this space (that I'm glad you've wandered into) has been reserved for my personal logs and observations.

When I'm not engaging in S-F-B (that's Serious Effin' Business) for Corporate , I'm carrying on the eons-old tradition of sonic experimentation with my colleagues. Creating and curating music, composing sequences (beats) and spinning records belonging to the genres of EDM, HipHop, Pop, R&B, and varying degrees in between. CORRECTION: #thereisnobox it's all the same - just key and BPM.

The second focus is mix engineering - manipulating our clients music to make it sound its biggest and best. (The R&D team is developing tools for other engineers to utilize.) And of course, all that stuff doesn't matter without artist/brand development and music education. That's something we can help you artist folk with. can just talk to me about it.

You can read some of my thoughts here or check muckrack to find other stories I've written.

If you wanna hear some tunes, listen to what's on display.

Thanks for stopping by. I'll be in touch.


If you're looking for corporate information, view The Audio Plaza's Company Profile.