Present day -  The year is 2017, and... well you know, all that other cool stuff that's usually included at the very beginning of a good story that has some kind of science fiction theme to it. I don't think anyone is really that interested in whom I represent and what they have been doing up until now with their... ancient technology and holograms and blah blah blah-exactly right???

... I'll shelf the "Captain's Log" business for later.

What I do feel pertinent is that I tell you I'm Baraka, current director of the aural research program known over time as The Audio Plaza. When I'm not engaging in S-F'n-B (that's Serious Business) for Corporate, I'm carrying on the tradition of sonic experimentation with my colleagues that I have been fortunate enough to share this time and space with - something the elder Conductors have been doing for ...a really long time...

I curate music - spinning records predominately belonging to the genres of EDM, HipHop, Pop, R&B, and degrees in between. Also, I focus on sound down to the minute detail (i.e., production, audio engineering, sound design) on behalf of The Audio Plaza.  This is where I keep a log of it all.

Also, you will find the occasional update regarding something interesting going on in the world and information on events I would like for  The Audio Plaza's following to know about.

Until the next time...

Listen to what's on display.

If you're looking for more executive information, visit the Corporate site to review The Audio Plaza's EPK.