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This evolving list presents some of the sounds you would hear if you were ever posted up in the hallways of The Audio Plaza during off-hours, or The Aux-Hours. The songs featured here are either classics that have influenced over a span of time, new perspectives being explored, or earworms that can’t be played enough.

No matter the case, these pieces are fuel for inspiration and are subject to being deeply analyzed, studied, reinterpreted, remixed, spliced, chopped, and/or mangled all in the name of science.




Available to music lovers and supporters of tAP, the garments offered in the Store are not regarded as merchandise, they are a testament. A statement from those in posession of styles in multiple not, confined to a single genre, navigating more than one walk of life. And proud of it. The tAP imprint isn’t just a logo – it’s an ethos followed by individuals whom refuse to have their multifaceted preferences, hobbies, ideas and passions compromised by the expectations of the norm. A reminder that when it comes to styles, sound, culture, community – you don’t have to pick just one. 

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Join The r88d

Observation is the most crucial element of any experiment. For without it, outcomes remain unknown, no information is gained to pass along and that just defeats the whole purpose. At tAP, this principle is well understood. Even you, by reading this text, play the role of observer and are thusly appreciated. However, a bit more effort is put into showing appreciation to those that have opted to stay up to date on the sounds, projects and other research conducted by tAP. These observers are referred to as the “r88d” (ra·di·ate·ted). 

A lot can come with being among the r88d: Invitations to private events no one is invited to. Special treatment at events everyone’s invited to. Chances to win wares from the Store that would never charge you full price. Think of it all as employee benefits. Sign up – you’ll get an onboarding message.

For Music Makers

It’s not an uncommon thought: a recording artist “needs a team” in order to grow a fanbase and make their craft financially viable. A handful of experts would definitely help, but once you find them, who’s going to lead the way? Since it’s YOUR music, the answer should be you. If it’s not, then a team is not what’s missing. Join the Instrumental Rapport, an elite group of musicians that are receiving updates from our Corporate division. 

While you’re there, take a listen to the beats available in the Track Depository – where new track concepts are uploaded as soon as they are created.  tAP beats go to one artist only. No 30 songs with the same beat – not a good thing for artist. You should find out why.