So, I’m going to rant about this record as if I made it because I’m proud of it as well as the other songs Maya Piata presents on her latest release: Vernal. In a climate where even you rappity rappin-assed rappers are trying to croon a tune thanks to your little machines, it’s refreshing to hear a real sister with a voice. Yes, I was specifically referencing my favorite R&B group because that’s exactly what this collection of work reminded me of.  I’m not quite sure if it were intentional, but the songs on this 5 track EP resonated with what is now probably considered an antique feel, but there aren’t too many good generations of R&B that existed after the era that Vernal borrows from. Thanks to you auto-tune-matons, it’s time to start anew.

Music is how we harness moments with sound and as soon as ‘Working Sunday’ begins, you are immediately hyper-jumped into the studio right at the songs inception. The metronome (which is the beginning of all your favorite songs that you usually never hear) is even included and serves as a percussive element throughout the song thanks to some fancy delay technique. A deep bass line that almost forces the visual of a waveform modulating and breathing as it contrasts with beautifully delivered heartfelt thoughts in a high register – it all makes for a jolly good three minutes and thirty seconds.

Definitely one to add to your daytime playlist.

Listen to the rest of Vernal on Spotify!