If you’re reading this, that can only mean you’re about to receive some free merchandise from 

The Audio Plaza.

The Audio Plaza, or tAP, is an entertainment and technology brand that encourages the blending of culture/genre and the shedding of labels. A message not only exemplified with music, but also the fresh and unique styles that are put behind the brand.

Moments of individuality are something to be captured & celebrated. If you don’t mind lending your style to help us get the message out, it would be an honor to have you as a part of the process! 

Include ‘#theaudioplaza’ and around 10 to 15 other hashtags to increase exposure.  

Try to keep the post of your selfie up as long as possible. Searches for the hashtag will generate traffic for you over time.

If you decide to take a video, play a mix from tAP that matches your mood. 

Listen to the mixes here.

Provide your IG, shirt size, where to send it and it will be on the way!