I found Saweetie not too long after she dropped Icy Girl. The video appeared in the “related videos” section one day and I was drawn to it more so because of her name. “Is it really pronounced like that?” Saweetie? Yes, yes it is.

There’s not much going on in the lyrics department with a lot of emcees now days, but Saweetie does a little more with her prose than just say things to occupy space and bars. And while other female rappers recite rhymes alluding to or directly referencing their sexual prowess, Saweetie alludes to her higher education, her straight and narrow attitude and what results have come about thanks to her staying focused and achieving things the slow and sure way.

Saweetie has a voice that stands out from a majority of female rappers – the ones that seem to really like rapping in a high pitch yet monotone voice, she has a deep, bass-heavier voice (most of which is eq’d out, of course). She usually records in a lower register that compliments the strength of her lyrics.

I cannot say for sure if she writes her own lyrics or not (I’m thinking she does), but regardless they are structured very well. It reminds me of Pimp C – not the most technical, but the syllables in the words she chooses to use fill bars splendidly with sentiments that are just as substantial as the beats they are laid on.

While Icy Girl is the song that has launched her into the early stages of limelight, I think you can see and fully appreciate those characteristics best in her song Focus:

She flipped , right?? Check her out.
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