2014 was the last time D’Angelo created some new sounds for us to enjoy. He’s been making the occasional appearance, but  has gone missing enough to make people think he’s outta there.  But, once again it seems the gaming industry comes to the rescue and allows a musical artist to make a comeback in the coolest of fashions…

…like he did back in 2015….

Well he kinda made a comeback – turned out to be another one of those appearances. Hopefully the inclusion of this song in the Red Dead Redemption 2 soundtrack precedes an official release from the guy. If not, the soundtrack itself seems like it’s going to be worthy of some substantial recognition if the line up is to be of any indication.  Original score by Woody Jackson, and some session work from people like Daniel Lanois, Colin Stetson, Jon Theodore from Queens of the Stone age and you know… Nas…Willie Nelson…people like that.

But, um, back to that record.  Like to hear it? Here it go:

https://youtu.be/obJuKmMjFG4 (video has been deleted)