Alas, a literary release from The Audio Plaza has a arrived.

No, your new manager is not a book…

it’s YOU

If you are among those that have decided to pursue music as a career and as means to establish and sustain your livelihood, then no one has more riding on said decision more than you. 

Whether you’ve just started or have been at it for a while – it’s time to set some goals for yourself. 

What are the goals of an independent artist? 

Besides the obvious: doing what you love and getting paid for it – there are a few goals to achieve before the obvious goal that will make the obvious goal much easier to achieve. 

That’s where Incremental Progression comes in.

Actionable steps that, once completed, will leave your brand looking thorough,  professional, and ready to truly take advantage of the attention you may get from other brands and early fans of your music. 


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